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Chorizo Funk Podcast!

Fam, What’s good…So the podcast feed is up & running. You see the the little orange button on the right hand side….yeah that’s it click on that and it take u to a page & you got 2 options: 1. get updates via email or RSS when i have a new post. OR 2. click […] Read More


Chorizo FM: The Next Chapter coming soon!!

What up world.. So the next volume of chorizo fm is finished! This one is called 4 Finger Ring Rap. It’s all 2008-2009 indie hip hop. I really like alot of the new artists in the indie game and this mix is packed with alot of them. After this one i think it’s time to […] Read More


Chorizo FM

What’s good?!?! I got the artwork and tracklistings! The Fully Flavored Artwork courtesy of Mr. Awk from Pop Vicious Mixes will be up in next 24 hours for mp3 download….. So the Chorizo FM series is gonna have different theme with each release. The first two are on the Indie Hip Hop tip, but that’s […] Read More


Ay Chorizo!

Welcome to the world of DJ Chorizo Funk! A couple of upcoming shows here in Austin more on that later and this week I’ll be posting the first two installments of……. Chorizo FM Stay Up!