Chorizo Chunks mix series

The Chorizo Chunks mix series features live recordings from my sets. Funk, soul, Latin, and party rock a sample of how it all goes down.

live from mom-atx-01

Chorizo Chunks 14: Live from Motown on Mondays

New mix now available for your listening/streaming/downloading pleasure. Chorizo Chunks is a live mix series that I haven’t revisited in awhile, so for everyone asking here’s a fresh chunk . A live recording from the launch party for Motown on Mondays on Feb. 3rd. Catch us on Mondays, DJ Digg & myself will be at […] Read More


Chorizo Chunks 13

Here it is number 13 in the Chorizo Chunks series! As always with Chorizo Chunks this was recorded live. This mix series captures one of my favorite parts of DJing: playing for a crowd. The songs that I play and the way that I mix them is influenced by the vibe of the party… it’s […] Read More


Chorizo Chunks 12. Live New Jack Swing Tribute for Heavy D

So here it is Chorizo Chunks 12! This was recorded live at Body Rock in December 2011. We decided to commemorate the recent loss of Heavy D (May 24, 1967 – November 8, 2011) with a New Jack Swing themed night. One of my favorite parts of the live mixes from Body Rock is the […] Read More

Chorizo Chunks 11 (Web)

Chorizo Chunks 11

Chorizo Chunks 11! Here’s part of my opening set for big brother Rich Medina! I was really excited when I got added to the line-up for many reasons, here’s a few. Big Rich is a titan in the game, and it’s always a pleasure to chop it up since he’s definitely one of the most […] Read More


Chorizo Chunks 10

So here it is number 10 in the live mix series. Ready to savor another Chunk? This was recorded Live at Body Rock May 6th. This was the first night at Body Rock that was strictly Afro-Latin, and it was FIYAH! Shout to DJ Orion for rocking with me that night, Fernando & Riders Against […] Read More


Chorizo Chunks 9!

Fam Chorizo Chunks 9 is from the Night Fever party here in Austin. Funk was the flavor to celebrate the release of Wax Poetics issue #44. Big shout to reverend Pain on saxophone & Cam Rogers on percussion. Check out the mix, you’ll hear the subtle flavor they add around the middle on the mix. […] Read More


Chorizo Chunks 7 – Live from Body Rock

Hey so here is the 7th Chorizo Chunk! This is from the monthly (2nd. Wednesday’s @ Plush) Body Rock Party that I rock along with Riders Against the Storm (RAS) Play/Download Below: or from HERE Tracks from: Fela Kuti, Tom Browne, Roots, Black Sheep, Quantic, Lauryn Hill, Antibalas, Gap Band & more. This is a […] Read More


Chorizo Chunks 6!!

Fam so here i am with another volume of Chorizo Chunks! This is number 6! This was from the show W/Maneja Beto last week. This is from the early/mid part of the night. Mostly all reggae/roots/cumbia/electro-cumbia/Nuyorican Soul. Tracks from: Ray Barretto, Andres Landero, Tenor Saw, Chancha Vía Circuito, Erykah Badu, Roberto Roena, Ninja Man, Super […] Read More

Chorizo Chunks Vol 5

I’m back on it yall. The Rich Medina show was proper! I had a great time! Shout to everybody that came out and partied with us. For Chorizo Chunks #5 I have the 1st half of my set from the show. I started off with all Dilla Productions then branched off from there. Track From: […] Read More

Chorizo Chunks Vol. 4

Fam, Here i am back with more goodness. This live mix is from this past thursday @ Thunderbird Coffee. I’ll be back there next month so don’t sleep! $1 tecate & lonestar plus alot of brew on tap. This one is real funky in spots but then a little more mellow @ times. Check it […] Read More

Chorizo chunks vol. 3

Chorizo Chunks Vol. 3

Aight fam Here’s latest installment of the chorizo chunks live mix series. This was recorded earlier this week on a live webcast for breakstix It’s a chill old school hip hop mix. I Mixed it sitting down. easy like sunday morn…. all good….spread love! click image to play/DL or here: Listen/download: Tracklist: hey young world […] Read More

Chorizo Chunks Vol. 2

Fam I’m back with some more goodness! Last week I Played @ the BBoy City Planet Rock Party. A bboy/bgirl competition/party. I got a clip of my set from that night. Mostly all funk, hard drum breaks…..and a splash of hip hop…. Dance Sucka!!!! Right-Click on image to download or listen below: Stay Up!

Chorizo Chunks Vol. 1

Say Say Fam, I’m back with another dose of goodness for your ear holes. I’m kickin’ off a new series, Chorizo Chunks, will be clips from my live dj sets. This first one is from last friday @ Peacock Lounge. This clip is short (30 minutes)…It’s from the last 30 minutes of the night. Mostly […] Read More