Chorizo Chunks 11! Here’s part of my opening set for big brother Rich Medina! I was really excited when I got added to the line-up for many reasons, here’s a few.

Big Rich is a titan in the game, and it’s always a pleasure to chop it up since he’s definitely one of the most personable dj’s out here. He’s a natural story teller. The man has been a beast lately with all of the traveling and performing he’s been doing, so he had alot to share.

Also Lanai is a house club with a Pioneer 800 mixer and I haven’t had too many opportunities on the 800 mixer. There are only a few clubs that have it in Austin and most dj’s out here prefer Rane (at least the ones I usually collab with), but hands down the Pioneer 909 and 800 are my favorites. Since the show was at Lanai, a house club, it was a chance for me to play some different genres but still keep my funk in it. Most folks in Austin don’t associate me with disco & house music. Check the flavor! Big Shout to Strange Tribe & Soul of the Boot Entertainment for lining up the show!