So here it is Chorizo Chunks 12! This was recorded live at Body Rock in December 2011. We decided to commemorate the recent loss of Heavy D (May 24, 1967 – November 8, 2011) with a New Jack Swing themed night.

One of my favorite parts of the live mixes from Body Rock is the energy that is captured from the night. Not only do you hear the fam, Riders Against the Storm, on the mic hosting and hyping the party, BUT you can also hear the crowd response.

The people make the party…if they don’t feel inspired to bug out and get stupid, it’s just another night at any club downtown. The dance floor was rocking non-stop so I was able to dig a little deeper and play some less popular New Jack Swing tracks, but I definitely played all the favorites.

The peak for me was when the needle started to skip from people dancing. Unfortunately it messed up my mix….but you can’t be mad at that. Free DL from the player below. Spread the Love!