Austin you’re in for a great night of music next Thursday at Frontier Bar for the Downtown Rulers and myself playing all 45’s (as in records). Headed by Alex Chavez (Maneja Beto) & Beto Martinez (Grupo Fantasma & Brownout), the Downtown Rulers have a great soulful sound and a forthcoming EP that I can’t wait to put on the turntable. Vinyl lovers my understanding is there will be a 45 release so I suggest you stay in the loop via facebook: Downtown Rulers

Check these two songs below from their Soundcloud. A really tight and grooving rhythm section, great organ work, and lovely song writing by Chavez give the band a great sound.

One weakness that bands playing the classic soul sound can have is being predictable. However plenty of variety, musicianship, and stirring soul keep the Downtown Rulers in heavy rotation ’round here! In addition they are know to get into some heavy Latin Soul (think Ray Barretto late 60’s) in their live sets as well. Recommended. FB.