Hey FB world, if you are finding less content from the pages that you like in your news feed every time you log in, you have to start utilizing the interest list feature. It’s the best way for you to stay connected with my DJ Chorizo Funk page (no shame) and/or any other page that you have liked.

There are always complaints every time facebook makes a change to the matrix that we plug into every day. The main complaint artists are having with the recent timeline update is that now all artists, bands, websites, etc. have seen a significant drop in traffic unless we pay money for promotion ads that show up when you log in (we all know it’s a business).

There is a formula that Facebook uses that determines what you see on your news feed when you log in. So it’s very likely that you won’t actually ever see any updates to the fan page that you liked last month. So in my case if I have a new mix or an upcoming show it’s possible that you will never see it even though you liked the page in the past. (FYI This article actually has numbers to show how significant the drop has been).

Now I’ve already been mad and pissed about the changes, but it didn’t solve the problem. It’s better to adjust and learn how to use the new features to maximize my FB experience because people use it and use it alot!

With the recent updates there are now interests Lists that you personalize with the “interests” of your choice (i.e. the pages you have liked). So when you login to your newsfeed you just scroll down and you can see all your personalized list on the left hand side.

Also once you have created your list, you can make your list visible to your friends so they can keep up with your favorite artists, dj’s, websites, etc.

Check this article here for a how to guide to create your own interest lists.

With the huge dip in traffic that indie artists have experienced spreading the word to our fans is essential to keep a connection. There is an overload of information online, be proactive so you don’t get lost in the shuffle.