Here’s a new section where I’ll feature a different 7 inch record from my treasure chest of wax: Chorizo Funk Live at 45 RPM. When it comes to records, I like to buy them on the cheap & in person. It’s rare for me to spend over $10 on a 45  and even rarer for me to go on Ebay to score records…the way I see it there’s plenty of records I can cop on the cheap all around me…you just gotta get your fingers a lil’ dirty.

Here’s a recent addition from the Soul Notes on the Way Out label which I believe is from Ohio. I love both sides on this Northern Soul slab of wax. I’m a sucker for a great build on the intro, add the background harmonies, driving bass line, and bugged out voice of the lead singer and it’s a definite sure shot in my book.

Stay tuned for the next installment.