MOM ATX LAUNCH UPDATEAustin’s in dire need of Soul music on a weekly basis….*cue* the launch of Motown on Mondays (MOM) next week. DJ Digg & myself will be the Austin resident-DJ’s of the national party that originated in San Francisco in 2009. The night has grown and expanded to 8 cities (SF, LA, Chicago, Denver, Oakland, Honolulu, NYC, and Austin), where you can expect to hear Soul from the Motown label, Funk, Disco, and new remixes/edits of Soul classics.
We’re excited to kick off the new night at a new club, Vinyl. Located inside of Chicago House, at 607 Trinity, Vinyl represents a breath of fresh air in Downtown Austin…a cozy dance floor led by a rotating cast of great DJ’S.
For the kick off we’ll have a guest set from DJ CG aka Chicken George, and MOM San Francisco resident Timoteo Gigante. FB.