I love the old school & will rep it forever, but there’s alot of new music I’m diggin’. From Low End Theory in LA to Dam Funk and the Modern Funk Movement to the Soulection label to Peligorsa, Applied Pressure and Exploded Drawing here in ATX, I’ve been listening to all of these camps (and others across the globe) and I definitely dig the sound, feel, and texture of music lately (not talkin’ ’bout the mainstream).

The fact that virtually all of these artists are underground and indie, yet still are reaching their supporters and shaping the future sound of music is impressive. IMO they are all connected, and this new mix is dedicated to that movement. Here it is 3000 Now, a funky trip into the future….STR8 Zonin’. Tracklist avail on soundcloud. Shout out to Design Con Safos for the photo & design.