93 Culture is a collaborative effort between producer Jaz Infinite and myself. Jaz Infinite sent me a batch of beats that he had been working on and asked me to create a mix with them.
His vision for the project was to pay homage to the gritty sound of the 90’s boom bap era. He stayed true to this vision by crafting all of the beats on the iconic hardware of golden era Hip Hop production:

  • ASR-10
  • MPC 60I
  • Akai S-950
  • Akai S-612

So think DJ Premier, Large Professor, Pete Rock, and Evil Dee in the early 90’s….No mp3’s, flash drives, or computer software, but vinyl records, zip drives, and big clunky hardware.
He sent me the tracks and here you have the 93 Culture mixtape.
It’s available for free Dowload on Bandcamp.