onda1One of the most amazing musical releases of the past year was Ondatrópica courtesy of Soundway Records. Soundway is one of the preminent independent labels releasing new and classic material primarily from Latin America & Africa.

The Ondatrópica project is spearheaded by two producers, English-born Quantic and Colombian musician Mario Galeano. The project brings together some of the musical legends from Colombia’s golden era with a select group of younger musicians to “reinterpret the tropical musical heritage of Colombia with new approaches in composition, arrangement, and production in a classical and mythical setting.”

The group spent over three weeks writing, recording, and arranging in the famous Disco Fuentes studios in Medellín. In the 60’s Disco Fuentes became the leading powerhouse of the Colombian music industry by focusing on the rural & folkloric styles like cumbia and porro.

So an American equivalent of this dream project would have Questlove as producer an all star cast of current musicians to support the Funk Brothers (Motown fame)…at Motown’s original hitsville USA studios in Detroit….which will never happen and this is why Ondatrópica is such an amazing project.

They have an extensive web page with outstanding content ranging from pictures from B+, interviews, recording footage, and live performances as well. Full web-series. Below are some of my favorite. Don’t sleep!