Halloween Prince vs Rick James Jam

Prince and Rick James are understandably two of pop culture’s favorite icons(thanks dave chappelle), and on Friday we’re about to fire up the funk and celebrate their MUSIC. Beyond the skits, jokes, lace, leather and ass-less pants, there is true musical ingenuity that will stand the test of time! From the late 70’s through the […] Read More


2012 Emerge Graffiti Art Show

This Saturday I’ll be doing a couple of sets before 10pm at the 2012 edition of the Emerge Graffiti Art Show. The show is jam packed with talent, so I don’t need to do much hyping…. highly recommended!! FB.


Big Body Soul: Lee Fields and the Expressions revisited

I love soul music, especially Big Body Soul. One of my many many many favorite soul records of all-time is Sunny, originally written by Bobby Hebb after the death of one of his close friends and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Personally this song is all about reflection -> optimism -> celebration. There are […] Read More

Red Bull Threestyle 2012 mix, pics, and more

I had a blast at the Austin Qualifier for the Red Bull Threestyle event last month! I didn’t win but regardless, big shout to the Red Bull team for the invite to take part in the event. It was an honor. Luckily it was a full blown production so if you weren’t at the Beauty […] Read More