Bedpost Bar & Boogie September 28, 2018

This past year I have had the pleasure of being the resident DJ for the Bedpost Confessions. Bedpost confessions is a quarterly sex positive show featuring confessions/stories from comics, writers, sex educators, and ordinary people about all things sex plus anonymous confessions submitted by the audience and read aloud by host Sadie Smythe & Miranda […] Read More


Special Guest DJ Baby G at Body Rock April 6th

It feels like a long five weeks since we last got down at Body Rock, but no worries it’s going down tonight! The Chief Rocker DJ Baby G will be on deck at Body Rock tonight! DJ Baby G & Mel are my two biggest influences that astounded me with their mixing, crowd control, and […] Read More


Two Sevens Clash: All 45 records SXSW 2012

Hot damn here we go again!! I’ll be back on deck tonight with some of the best dj’s from across the country, and we’ll only be playing 7 inch 45 vinyl records! I love the digital world, but as a music lover and purveyor of DJ culture there is nothing like playing tiny records with […] Read More

Tweet Tape

fam so here i am with another mix for them earholes….Tweet Tape. All tracks i got via twitter Either from the the artists themselves, bloggers, fans, etc….. This one is all new hip hop . 2009 hip hop. I just started out on twitter and there are alot of new indie artists using it as […] Read More